Alex Platt

Age: 25
Location: Great Barrington MA.
Sponsors: S-One, OSS, The Garden
Known nicknames: Splatt, etc.


How did you get started riding? 

Dirt jumps in the backyard, to trails and street with locals.


How did you end up on the OSS team? 

It just kinda happened while riding a lot with Mike and Adam. At the time I was around a lot in the city.


What’s your best memory of riding with the OSS crew? 

Denver was awesome everyone in the same place and down to ride as much as possible, finding new stuff every day. Such good times in Austin though.


What was the best thing you saw or did during the Denver trip? 

Umm tons of good shit, Grant’s ice was nuts.


If you had to pick one rider on the team who you like to watch ride the most, who would you pick? 

Either Mike or Garrett, that’s a hard one.

Where is one place you’d really love to travel to ride? 

China or Greece.


What’s your ideal day like? 

Having a day off, gas money, good weather. Wake up early, take Gucci for a walk. Then go ride.


What are your favorite things to do when not riding?

Build something random, read, mess around with photoshop, make coffee, and look for spots.


What does OSS represent to you?

A solid crew thats always having a good time.

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