Alex Raban

Age: 24
Location: Nipomo,Ca
Sponsors: OSS, Peg Leg, ODI, Giant BMX
Known nicknames: Rabar, Jrab, Rabano


How did you get started riding?

Started riding when I moved to a little town called Nipomo. Met friends in school that were into riding BMX. Ever since then I’ve been enjoying every minute. That was around the year 2000.


How did you end up on the OSS team?

I ended up on the OSS team by Adam sending me a text earlier in the year asking if I would be interested in riding for OSS and taking a trip to Texas to film a welcome edit. Was ultimately stoked on the offer and it’s been great ever since!


What’s your best memory of riding with the OSS crew?

For sure Texas. Cause that was my first actually trip with most of the crew. From enjoying the nightlife at bars the first night to experiencing the amazing spots and food Texas had to offer.


What was the best thing you saw or did during the Denver trip?

Best thing was witnessing what a pure savage Lil Stevie is. And the hot tub addition was very nice at the house. That is till Platt’s Band-Aids started to float around and brown sweat residue started to form in the tub.


If you had to pick one rider on the team who you like to watch ride the most, who would you pick? 

Fuck that is difficult. I enjoy everyone’s riding. But if I narrow down to one, Craig Passero. Kid is a damn animal, non-stop clip machine.

Where is one place you’d really love to travel to ride? 

Hopefully try to visit Canada one day. That’s on top of my travel list.


What’s your ideal day like? 

Ideal day for me is wake up at 8:00 a.m. Drink some tea. Shit, Shower. Head to work by 10:00. Flip pizza’s till 4:00 p.m. Try and ride my bike for a couple hours. Come home, view internet, read. Sleep. Damn I’m boring haha.


What are your favorite things to do when not riding? 

I like to hangout with friends. Involve myself in other outdoor activities. I like to play pool and do filming & editing on the computer from time to time.


What does OSS represent to you?

To me OSS represents a group of talented bike riders each divided with individuality and innovation. In other words couch potatoes with highly advanced phone module’s that stay medicated thus involving in bicycle trickery.


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