Gabe Brooks

Age: 20 something
Location:South Central Los Scandolus
Sponsors: Kink Bikes, OSS, Demolition, Quintin hats
Known nicknames: OnePunch, SuperCrip or Gabe


How did you get started riding?
Watching X Games and taking chances with doing tricks that I never thought I could land.


How did you end up on the OSS team?
Well just being around everyday shredding with the crew in LB and being Gabe I guess.


What’s your best memory of riding with the OSS crew?
Watching Craig dismantle a bleacher setting in Santa Monica.


What was the best thing you saw or did during the Denver trip?
I saw myself on film slide down a cows head. Tate did a nose 3 thing to kickflip in it. Swagg.


If you had to pick one rider on the team who you like to watch ride the most, who would you pick?
Uhh Tate combined with Charlie Crums.

Where is one place you’d really love to travel to ride?
I heard Canada was popping.


What’s your ideal day like?
Coffee, hustle, swag’s out, riding trying to learn new shit. And ducking the po po.


What are your favorite things to do when not riding?
Dress, Hustle.


What does OSS represent to you?
Lives of individuals that go through struggles some type of way and take it out shredding the shit out of street spots that no one ever even thinks can be rode. We gangsters cuhzz and I stand on that.

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