Jake Seeley

Age: 22
Location: The Shire
Sponsors: OSS, Sunday, Gatorade, Quintin Co, The Garden, Coalition
Known nicknames: DJ Heinz, Seeley


How did you get started riding?

My dad brought me to the race track when i was about 8 years old and I fell in love with it ever since.


How did you end up on the OSS team?

Met Adam in the city when I was about 17 and we’ve been homies ever since. At the time OSS was starting I was riding for Stolen Parts. He asked me if I would ever quit to ride for OSS and I was like “obviously” because I’d rather be riding for a company that felt like a family rather then just a company that I had no connection with besides that I rode their parts.


What’s your best memory of riding with the OSS crew?

Every day spent in Austin at the OSS house. We ran that city! And every time where we were all together.


What was the best thing you saw or did during the Denver trip?

Watching Alex Platt kill it! So good to see the homie survive a trip and come out of it with a bunch of awesome footage!


If you had to pick one rider on the team who you like to watch ride the most, who would you pick?

I’d have to say Craig Passero, lately his riding has been so interesting to me. He’s been so tech and creative as well as doing the gnarliest stuff. He can seriously do any trick on anything put in front of him.


Where is one place you’d really love to travel to ride?

I have always wanted to go to Barcelona. The place seriously has everything I dream of riding. It’s a grinder’s heaven!


What’s your ideal day like?

When I’m not injured the ideal day would take place in Cali. First I’d wake up, maybe smoke and shoot the shit with the homies. Then gear up and go out and ride all day with a stop to Chipotle on the way back to the house. Kick it til the night comes around and then the fun begins.


What are your favorite things to do when not riding?

Film and edit riding and when I’m in the mood I love to paint.


What does OSS represent to you?

Good times with good people. Something that’s always growing!

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