Mike Mastroni

Location: Long Beach, California
Sponsors: Volume Bikes, OSS, The Garden
Known nicknames: Just my last name maybe?


How did you get started riding?

Jumping a 16 inch around in the yard with my neighbors when I was little.


How did you end up on the OSS team?

Adam hit me up about the whole thing back in Spring of 09 and asked me if I wanted to be on the team and put out a video. It’s been good times ever since!


What’s your best memory of riding with the OSS crew?

Definitely the first OSS house in Austin, great times. Also the whole Denver trip was totally awesome.


What was the best thing you saw or did during the Denver trip?

Heated dart games every night with Devin and Platt, best thing I did was get 3 bulls eyes in a row.


If you had to pick one rider on the team who you like to watch ride the most, who would you pick?


Where is one place you’d really love to travel to ride?

I’d love to make it to like Australia or New Zealand one day.


What’s your ideal day like?

Eggs, Coffee/Monster, go ride, film, find spots, or just explore some new places. Just having the freedom to be out and about doing my thing is my ideal day.


What are your favorite things to do when not riding?

Craigslist pimpin’, hikes, road bike rides, beach, or just anything I usually do with my girlfriend.


What does OSS represent to you?

A bunch of different, yet very like-minded dudes that are just stoked to be a part of something and make stuff happen on these little bikes… and at the end of the day we are of course a group of good friends as well.

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